Finding Mike

Finding Mike.

The story of how Jonny found the man who saved his life one morning in London when he was going to jump off Waterloo Bridge. So many people kept walking but one man stopped.

This was almost too painful too watch, it hit home on so many levels. Memories of a massive overdose and waking up in ICU after 2 days, and memories of finding Malc mean I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I’ve tried several times to commit suicide but he succeeded.
The details of other attempts on bridges are hazy for me too. I don’t remember the name of the young off-duty police officer who stopped his car mid-traffic on the opposite side of the Glen Bridge to talk me down but I’m forever grateful. I remember him helping me across the road to his car then he phoned the police for assistance. There were so many Macdonalds bags in his car, I remember that! I remember that one of the officers who came and took me to hospital remembered being at the scene after I found Malc and he said it had a big impact on them too and he remembered me and was sad that I was in such despair.
When I was on the bridge it took me a minute to realise someone was talking to me, asking my name, asking me to come down. It took a while to realise how busy the road was and how many people were walking past not wanting to look, I hadn’t even seen them as I climbed. He saved me, like Mike saved Jonny. He was one person who saw another in trouble and stepped in. I wish I could thank him.
This is an amazing film, I remember the campaign from twitter, it’s so good to see the full story. What an extraordinary man, he wants to be a superhero? Well he is, this will save so many lives.


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